Last week I joined other industry leaders at CXSF 2019 as a keynote speaker. Forrester holds these conferences bi-annually on each coast, bringing together a large gathering of customer experience professionals for two days of community and conversation. My talk, Leading Innovation, was a mix of best practices, lessons learned, and frameworks/structures that have influenced me over the course of my career in R+D and product/service innovation. A topic I could easily go on for hours about. My keynote ended with an abbreviated Q+A with Jenny Wise.

Later that day, I was interviewed for the What it Means podcast by Jennifer Isabella and Carrie Johnson, where we were able to take a deeper dive into some of the topics I skimmed across during my talk, like driving change in large organizations, what it takes to lead innovation, and the future of financial services.

Always thankful when someone creates sketch notes of my talks. Thanks to @letssummarize for this great one.